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Adam, Philistinism, animalism, animality, beastliness, bestiality, brutality, brutishness, carnal nature, carnal-mindedness, carnality, coarseness, crassness, crudeness, crudity, down-to-earthness, earthliness, earthly-mindedness, fallen nature, fallen state, flesh, fleshliness, frankness, freedom from illusion, gaudiness, grossness, hardheadedness, lack of feelings, lapsed state, loudness, materialism, matter-of-factness, meretriciousness, mundaneness, nonspirituality, obscenity, positivism, postlapsarian state, practical-mindedness, practicality, practicalness, pragmaticism, pragmatism, raciness, rankness, rationality, rawness, realism, reasonableness, ribaldry, roughness, rudeness, saltiness, saneness, scientism, secularism, sensibleness, sober-mindedness, spiciness, swinishness, the Old Adam, the beast, the flesh, the offending Adam, uncouthness, unidealism, unromanticalness, unsentimentality, unspirituality, vulgarity, worldliness, worldly-mindedness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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